Rules & Regulations

This tour is a cooperative effort among the Active REALTORS of the Central Corridor.  The tour has been in existence for over 20 years and is an all volunteer organization.  Listed below is information regarding attendance, placing a home on tour and tour sponsorship.


You Must Participate to Receive Feedback.
To qualify to have a home on tour, you must have attended at least 1 of the last 2 meetings & go out on tour (not counting the tour for your requested property), as well as having submitted your registration form and dues to Barbara Kehm. (See Below)

Getting your listing on tour:
Submit your listing request right away.  This is done by sending your MLS link to  You will not, however, be placed on the schedule until you have fulfilled the attendance requirement.

Do not submit requests unless you have signed listing agreement and the property listed as
“Active” in the MLS.

You will be notified approximately 1 week in advance if your home will be scheduled for the next tour.   Please be sure to notify if your home has sold or if there is any reason the home cannot participate in the scheduled tour.

Please send only one request per email so they can be tracked individually.
•     Requests are added to the queue based on date received.

•     Advise your client of the general tour hours (9:15-11.30) and advise them that you most likely will be unable to furnish more a more specific time until 8.30 am tour day.

•     Tour feedback will be provided by email no later than end of day the Wednesday following the tour.

Criteria for Re-Touring a listing:

     60 days must pass between tours

     Must be one of the following:
               A new agent
               A significant change to the property (may be on a case by case)
               Suggestions from tour complete – paint, flooring, landscaping, etc.
               Occupant moved out – now vacant and better viewing of a formerly cluttered property 

                     Simply vacant may not be change enough
               6 months since previously toured

The Tour Director is the ultimate decision maker regarding re-touring and it will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Tour Dates and Meeting Location
Our meetings are held on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Fridays of each month. The meetings begin at 8:30am and are held at the North Phoenix Baptist Church at the SE corner of Central Av & Bethany Home… our meetings are held in the ‘prayer center’ located on the SE corner of the church complex… the ‘Prayer Center’ is located adjacent to the Life Center which is where their gymnasium facility is located… you will see people coming/going in workout attire… there will be a sign on the sidewalk notating the room number of our meeting…  Follow the signs the the North Central REALTOR Tour.  (Usually on the 3rd Floor)

Meetings are for REALTORs and the scheduled vendor sponsor only.  Please do not invite your favorite escrow officer, loan officer, etc. to attend.

Day of Tour
Tour Schedule:
8:30 – 9:30  MEETING
Expect the meeting to last from 8:30 – 9:30ish.  The Vendor Sponsor for the meeting will bring breakfast snacks and coffee.  The Sponsor will be given an opportunity to make a 10 minute presentation.  At each meeting all members are allowed 1 min. to introduce themselves and may tout any listing within tour boundaries or a buyer need anywhere within the Valley.

Other vendors are asked not to attend the meeting.  Vendors are not allowed to go out on tour.  

Current real estate affairs are also discussed. 

9:15 – Noon   Caravan Tour
Members are given a list of 10 to 12 homes in the area to view. Each member is asked to view each home on tour in the order on the sheet and evaluate each. Comments concerning reasons for reducing or raising the price of the home are made on a sheet provided by the tour.   Suggestions to help sell the homes are helpful (paint doors, declutter, strange smell, etc…). These comment sheets will be left at the last home on tour for collection by the tour director.  

We also ask for what the members think the home will SELL for in the present condition.


Most weeks we have a sponsored lunch at the end of a tour. The tour is usually over by 11:30 and noon with lunch served at the last house.

**  Times are approximate depending on the location and number of homes on tour.

BYO Car or Ride with a Friend.
The tour is ‘caravan-style’ and follows the meeting… we require that those REALTORS having a property ‘on tour’ attend the meeting and then tour all houses on tour that day… should a REALTOR not attend the meeting, their property will be removed from that day’s tour.  Should a REALTOR fail to tour the other scheduled properties and/or fail to turn in feedback, they will not receive tour feedback for their own listing. 

Tour Boundaries
Tour boundaries are Campbell Ave to the South, 40th Street to the East, 19th Avenue to the West, and the Northern border runs south of the North Phoenix Mountain Preserve (roughly Peoria), & just north of Lincoln from 16th Street east to 40th St.   The Phoenix Country Club area is also included.

 Vendor Breakfast & Lunch Sponsors

Lunch Sponsor
Does your listing need a little extra exposure?
If so, when you submit your home, please let us know if you are willing to provide lunch for 30-35 agents at the end of tour. YOU, your seller or a vendor of your choice must be willing to provide the lunch.

Most agents ask their Title Company or their favorite vendor to pay for and serve the lunch.  (Sponsors receive recognition on tour sheet and the opportunity to meet the tour members at the home.)  While we appreciate their participation very much, the opportunity to meet and greet agents on tour should be reserved for the lunch house.  Lunch sponsors are not to attend the morning meeting or tour.  The morning meeting is exclusive to the meeting sponsor.  We appreciate your understanding.   

Lunch should include:
Sandwiches or Salad or other prepared meal, sides if necessary and drinks (water bottles, soda cans, etc.)

Utensils, serving utensils & trays, napkins & garbage bags.

Please remember, we need a home large enough seat at least 20 agents at one time.

A vacant listing without running water or furniture will not work.

Please be prepared to return your listing to it’s previous clean condition after lunch is over.

Meeting Sponsor
Vendor Breakfast and Tour Prize Sponsors (10 minutes in front of the group at the Meeting.)  If you have a favorite Vendor/Title Company/Mortgage lender who would like to host breakfast and/or offer prizes for a drawing, please have him/her contact Barbara Kehm. 

Besides hosting the breakfast the vendor pays for the room rental for the day.  The vendor calendar is prepared in December for the following full year.  If you are new to the tour, you may offer to be an “fill-in” should the need arise.  

Please contact Barbara Kehm   For Meeting Sponsorship information

Typical Breakfast Includes

Bagels, Muffins, Yogurt & Fruit, coffee, juice, water for 40-45 agents.  Utensils, napkins, plates and trash bag(s).  

MEMBERSHIP (See membership page)

Send $25 and the membership form or information below to Barbara Kehm.

Checks should be made out to:   Barbara Kehm–North Central Tour’,

Mail to:
Barbara H. Kehm
8153 N 3rd Avenue
Phoenix, AZ  85021

The $25.00 is for 1 calendar year and is NOT prorated.

Barbara’s email is: